Translation of Webasyst products' interface into Ukrainian.

Available now at Webasyst Store!

Public repository with the localization files.

Manual interface localization is a tedious work for hundreds of hours. We offer a ready-made solution: Ukrainian language pack for the My Lang app. For the language pack to work, MyLang version 2.5 or later is required.

Translated applications and plugins:

  • Pocket Lists (NEW!)
  • Shop-Script
    • 1C (CommerceML)
    • Migrate to Shop-Script
    • 301 Redirect
    • Referral program
    • Watermark
    • Brands
    • Yandex.Market
    • Invoice
    • Favorite products
  • CRM
    • IMAP
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Telegram
    • VK
    • Zadarma
    • Telphin
    • Mango Office
    • Sipuni
    • Atol Online
  • Files
    • Migrate
    • Google Drive
    • Dropbox
    • WebDAV server
  • Blog
    • Categories
    • Akismet
    • Favorites
    • Gravatar
    • Tags
    • Troll
    • Import records
    • My posts
    • Markdown
    • Email subscription
  • Photos
    • Image effects
    • Watermark
    • Comments
    • Public Gallery
    • Import
  • Team
    • Google calendar
    • Calendar
    • CalDAV Client
    • iCalendar
  • Mailer
  • Helpdesk
  • Hub
  • Tasks
  • Site
  • Installer
  • Cloud
  • Settings
  • Contacts
  • Checklists
  • Stickers
  • Logs
  • My Lang

Please note: applications' administrative part (backend) is translated! Frontend localization is performed via editing the design theme.

Some user-configurable items are to be translated manually: for example, product descriptions, specifications, tags, contact fields, order statuses, and order notifications in Shop-Script. Products also need to be filled in the storefront's language. To translate these items you can use My Lang app.

Translation is possible if product's developer prepared the possibility of it (provided localization files and strings). If there was no such work done by product's creator, you can only change text strings by editing the source code of the software product on a particular Webasyst installation. You can send suggestions for the translation of products that are not included in the language pack through our support page.

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